This breed is strongly believed to have descended from mountain bulldog. Preferred colors are blue merle, brown merle, or red merle all trimmed in white or chocolate and white. The Alapaha is a medium-sized dog that sports a big square head and a muscular body. The ears and tail are never trimmed or docked. When properly raised, they offer you and your family the protection you all deserve. Dog breed Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. The Alapaha’s coat is relatively short and fairly stiff. These dogs were first brought to America in the early 18th century. The Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog dog originated in Alapaha River region of Southern Georgia, United States. No docking required for the tail, leave it as natural as it is. Also preferred are the glass eyes (blue) or marble eyes (brown and blue mixed in a single eye). We have a beautiful litter of Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldog puppies. Grooming Needs. Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog Puppies. <\/a>"). They are the best companion that will only show aggression when required. The Alapaha Blue Bulldog breed is a low maintenance dog breed when it comes to grooming. 17 days ago. The Alapaha is believed to have its origin in a recently extinct species known as the Mountain Bulldog, Old Southern White and Old Country (Big) Bulldog. If you can find a breeder, you will most likely have to pay more than $1,000. Contents . Uros on korkeudeltaan 48–64 cm ja painoltaan 52–69 kg. Pups will come innoculated, wormed, fleaed and with a good puppy pack. Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs are friendly animals that like to be treated as part of the family. Luonne ja käyttäytyminen. House Pets. Alapaha blue blood bulldog on valpas vahti-, suojelu- ja seurakoira. The name ‘Blue-blood’ derives from their noble devotion to their owners. The Alapaha's coat is relatively short and fairly stiff. The program started back in the 1800s and was intended to rescue the "plantation dog" of southern Georgia that was nearly extinct. The Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog is a well-developed, exaggerated bulldog with a broad head and natural drop ears. "target=_blank> Isabella's Lullaby Sheet Music Voice, £25 In Zambian Kwacha, Emperor's Court Wembley Menu, Ex Kiana Chords, Akanji Fifa 21, Fintech Trends 2020 Deloitte, How Easy Is It To Hack A Mac Webcam, Ballina Town Street Map,